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Deleting a staff


how to delete a staff


Hi Arun,

Go to Admin->Staff and click on the staff member you want to delete. At the bottom of the screen inside the red box is an option to make the staff member inactive. That will remove them from all the lists and open up a license slot.

You can’t actually delete users in HelpSpot because HelpSpot needs to always know who each user was so it can accurately display old request histories correctly.



Thanks Ian,

I also want to know like once I install the server, what should i do for the users to acess this server in the network to Submit a Request



I’m not sure what you mean Arun? All they need to do is visit your HelpSpot installation and click on ‘submit a request’. So they go right to the main page of your HelpSpot installation (not the admin.php page). You can get to this by clicking the ‘portal’ link in the top navigation.