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Detailed fields in reporting


Greetings… they are loving the helpspot product at this client location. Thanks for a great product, once again. I’ve referred so many people to HelpSpot, I hope it has added to your customer base!

For reporting purposes and Sarbanes Oxley compliance, we’d like to get the details of support tickets in the system. Can I do this with the built-in reporting engine? I’ve poked around quite a bit, can’t seem to find the right place to modify so I can include more information that just basic counts.


Great to hear that Chad, thank you for spreading the word!!

In some reports you can click the magnifying glass icon to drill down and see the requests behind the counts. You may also want to use the filters to see the requests if that works better.

If you really need all the details, you could also pull the information either directly from the database or via our API by having a filter for the information and running the filter via the API. Then you can take the XML from the API call and format it as needed.