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Different departments in Helpspot


We are looking to use Helpspot initially for a single department, as such email requests would come in via a single mailbox and everyone in that department would need to see all unassigned requests.

However, we may want to expand usage to other departments. This would mean we would like to do the following:

  1. Have a different mailbox for each department.
  2. Only have the people in a specific department see the unassigned tickets that came in on their mailbox.
  3. Have a set of predefined responses available just for that department.
  4. Probably a few other settings which I haven’t thought of yet.

What is the recommended way to set up Helpspot to help keep each department separate and not get mixed up with other departments calls, default responses etc.? Has anyone used Helpspot in this way and what is their experience?



Hi Richard,

You can pretty much keep things separate with the filters. Responses can also be controlled when you build them as to who sees them. So you could setup each departments people in their own permission groups and then set responses and filters to only show to those groups.

You could also run separate installations if you want complete separation but that’s usually overkill.


Thanks for your response. I can see that such an approach would certainly help keep things separated.

What if one department was dealing with more confidential material? I don’t see any way that Helpspot can restrict access to tickets, within a certain category for example, to only a certain group of people.


You can create a permission group and use the restrict to particular category option which would limit them to only seeing requests in their category.

That does greatly limit them, in some cases it’s better to just run a separate installation for those folks but you can play with it and see.