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Different variables for live lookup when called from a trigger?


I am seeing different variables passed to my script when it gets called via a trigger. I have seen the list of variables here…

but is there an updated listing somewhere?


Hi Jimmy,

Are you on 3.1.6? There was a bug in this that would cause the wrong set of values to be passed in when using a trigger. 3.1.6 should fix it.


We are running 3.1.6. I can post the variables if needed?


If you can post the variables you’re getting that would be great


Here are 2 sterilized entries from the web log (the first one is a call via a trigger & the second one is the live lookup via the admin)… - - [24/Feb/2012:20:05:01 -0500] “GET ?fOpenedVia=&mode=&xOpenedViaId=&xMailboxToSendFrom=&xPersonOpenedBy=&xCategory=&xPersonAssignedTo=&dtGMTOpened=&sTitle=&tBody=&fNoteIsHTML=&tEmailHeaders=&xStatus=&fPublic=&fUrgent=&sFirstName=&sLastName=&sUserId=&sPhone=&sEmail=&Custom10=&Custom9=&Custom2=&Custom3=&Custom11=&Custom7=&Custom4=&Custom5=&Custom6=&Custom8=&Custom1=&xRequest=&xPerson=&reassignedfrom=&finitial=&iTimerSeconds=&tLog=&dtGMTChange=&fOpen=&xPortal=&dtGMTClosed=&fTrash=&dtGMTTrashed=&sRequestPassword=&subscribe_all_ccstaff=&acting_person=&note_type=&note_content=&source_id=&customer_id=&first_name=&last_name=&email=&phone=&acting_person_xperson=&acting_person_fusertype=&acting_person_fname=&acting_person_lname=&acting_person_email= HTTP/1.1” 200 - “-” “-” 8072 2185 - - [24/Feb/2012:20:26:04 -0500] “GET ?source_id=&customer_id=&first_name=&last_name=&email=&phone=&request=&sUserId=&sFirstName=&sLastName=&sEmail=&sPhone=&xStatus=&xCategory=&xPersonAssignedTo=&Custom10=&Custom9=&Custom2=&Custom3=&Custom11=&Custom7=&Custom4=&Custom5=&Custom6=&Custom8=&Custom1=&acting_person_xperson=&acting_person_fusertype=&acting_person_fname=&acting_person_lname=&acting_person_email= HTTP/1.1” 200 956 “-” “-” 1096 3166

As you can see there are extra parameters via the call when done via the trigger. I am just looking for documentation on what they all are (I can guess most of them), but it would be nice to know for certain. Thanks.


Hi Jimmy,

Those aren’t currently designed to be used as they’re sent due to where the request is intercepted but may not always be available. Eventually we may add some of them to all LL calls, but for now it’s probably best to only use the documented values.