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Disable automatic opening of tickets when replies are sent


We have been using HelpSpot for some time now and have an idea for an enhancement to the software. When we close a ticket and then a user replies to the ticket after it’s been closed with comments such as “Thanks” or “Thank You”, it re-opens the ticket automatically. Since we also receive an email update to the ticket saying the same thing, it would be nice if tickets did not re-open themselves once closed and replies are sent. It stands to reason that the person/s who received the email should be the one/s to determine if the ticket should warrant to be re-opened or replied to.

If there is some other method to accomplish this already in the software, please let us know.


Hi Mike,

There’s currently not a built in solution for this. The tricky part is that many installations close requests after most/every reply and depend on the re-open ability to see requests that do require follow up.

It’s something we’re going to try and research further though.


HelpSpot does not provide customers access to setting open/closed though so there’s no way for HelpSpot to know if a reply is to reopen or just to say thanks.

Even if there was, in the case of email there’s not really a reliable way for them to indicate it anyway. So we lean towards caution. Better to have the stats slightly off than to miss an important customer reply which would cause them to have a negative experience.


Can’t you change the option “allow emails to re-open requests inside of X days” from it’s default of 30 down to 0?


No, 0 means they always reopen.