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Disable stuck in loop check?


Hi, is it possible to disable the stuck in loop email protection or change any settings related to this?

We’ve added some integration so that for specific categories, once the fields are filled in a trigger then calls a webpage to generate a PDF report which is sent to the helpspot email address to import as an attachment. This works most of the time. However, if something is changed and the report correctly regenerates, sometimes helpspot is then triggering the loop protection.

If we can’t turn it off, can you give details on what it is actually looking for so I can try and work around it?



If this is new request loop protection you can control it in admin->settings->email integration, at the bottom.


Hi, we’re still having issues with this.

Its not for new requests so maybe its not the new request loop protection? The line in the error log appears as Type: Email Importing, Message: Request 11150 may be stuck in an email loop with (sending address). The loop has been broken.

In email integration I’ve currently got these set as high as I think possible.
Time Period = 10 minutes
Max emails in time period = 500000
Duplicate Check = 0 (disabled)

Any more ideas which may help?


OK yes, if it’s giving you a specific request it’s not the new protection. That’s an update to an existing request.

Normally that would only be looping if for some reason you have a generic user in your account (like support@ assigned to an actual HelpSpot user) and that user is getting a notification. That notification is getting sucked back in and updating the HelpSpot request over and over.

Can you open 11150 and see what types of emails it is?

To stop it you can turn off your email boxes for 30 minutes or so, then manually go into webmail and delete all the emails for that request to stop the loop.

However, if you have any generic users you should get rid of them or at the very least turn off email notifications for them.