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Disable urgent requests via email



Currently, when someone emails our HelpSpot installation with the email flagged as Urgent, that will cause the ticket to me marked as urgent. Is there a way to disable that from happening? If someone wants to send a ticket urgent then we want them to do it via our portal, where they must agree to the fee we charge for a “priority” request.




Hi Chris,

What you can do is add a mail rule where the only condition is “is urgent” and the action is mark not urgent. That should fix it.


Hello Ian,

I did create such a rule (and a few others), however it still sends out an urgent ticket SMS (and the email that notifies the staff still says urgent). However, when you view the ticket in helpspot, you can see the rule “worked”.


Yes, that’s true. It’s processed after the request is received. There’s no way in HS to catch it earlier. What about on your mail server? Most have a rules system that may be able to change it to not urgent.