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Disabling new ticket on email without stopping email capability


The title might be a little confusing, if so apologies.

One of the Helpspot instances here is using an email address that was formerly assigned to a single person (his job is now done by 3 people, using Helpspot). New tickets need to be created by way of the Portal Form due to the complexity of the tasks, but any email updates that HS sends out are being sent using this email address.

Since the email address used to belong to one person (for several years), the inbox is being sent a lot of personal messages, newsletter subscriptions, etc etc. Training the spam filter is not really viable, the guys using the system are not very technically-minded. And every time a personal message gets sent, HS will create a ticket.

I would like to somehow disable the creation of a new ticket upon an email being sent to the current address, BUT still allow for replies to Helpspot-created emails to be automatically picked up and processed. As far as I know this auto-pickup is handled by the ‘Email Mailboxes’ section of HS (as opposed to Settings / Email Itegration which handles sending email), and there doesn’t seem to be a way to disable auto-creation of new tickets without removing the auto-pickup of replies.

Before I go creating a Mailbox rule that deletes any email without a HS ticket ID in the subject line, is there an easier way to accomplish what I’m after?


Hi Sam,

Nope, your idea is what I would suggest. HelpSpot assumes the mailbox is all it’s own. I guess you could have a mail rule (in HelpSpot) that instantly closes the request (since mail rules only run on new tickets) but it will still be inside the system. I think it’s cleaner to deal with it on the mail server.