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Disabling the 'peek' facility on cases in the inbox


Is there a way to disable the ‘peek’ or ‘quick view’ functionality when looking at cases in the inbox?

I imaging I could just fiddle with the Javascript underneath but not sure which file or function to modify.

It sounds like a weird request, but you’d be surprised how many people just peek at the emails and procrastinate instead of simply taking them and responding to customers. I want to program this temptation out of our support system :smile:


Haha. OK :smile:

What you could do is implement a custom admin theme. That will provide you with a custom javascript file which will be included automatically. In there you could use jQuery to override that click event. So it will take some javascript hackery, but should be possible.


Hey great idea. I’ll look in to it and have a play.


wow that was easy. I just duplicated the ‘blue’ theme, renamed blue.css to blue-mytheme.css, created blue-mytheme.js and put this in it:

function showOverflow(reqid, field, loading){

A bit crude but effective.


boom! thanks for sharing the hack :slight_smile: