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Displaying email account password



I just noticed that the passwords used to set up emails are not displaying anymore in the Admin. Unfortunately we use a ton of email accounts and HelpSpot was the place we were able to log and see this information. Is there anyway for the password to be displayed in the admin area? At the very least we will need access to these so we can create an archive off line for later reference.



Hi Jeff,
Yes we removed the passwords from the admin display to eliminate the accidental disclosure of passwords. You should be able to use a script something like the script below to dump out the password info. You will want to place this script in your helpspot application folder and then you can run it via command line php. Even though the script is restricted to being run on the command line, i would recommend removing it from your system once you have recovered your passwords.

<?php if (php_sapi_name() == "cli") { // In cli-mode require_once('config.php'); require_once(cBASEPATH.'/bootstrap/helpspot.php'); require_once(cBASEPATH.'/bootstrap/install.php'); require_once(cBASEPATH.'/helpspot/lib/util.lib.php'); $mailboxes = DB::table('HS_Mailboxes')->get(); foreach($mailboxes as $mailbox) { echo sprintf("Mailbox %s has password %s", $mailbox->sUsername, hs_decrypt($mailbox->sPassword))." \n"; } } else { // Not in cli-mode }


Thank you. I’ll give it a shot.