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Documentation Improvement


It’s good to know HelpSpot can do something. It’s even better to know HOW to do it. On this page about the Request Details, it would be helpful to have links to the pages in the manual that describes how to do it. For example, right now I am trying to create some Reporting Tags, and I have searched high and low in every screen I can think of to find it… to no avail.


By the way, I did find the Reporting Tags–under the Categories setup. But that’s not intuitive–the note that Reporting Tags are Category specific led me to that page and I found it by scrolling down.

My point in this forum entry is that the description of “Reporting Tags” had no details on how or where to make them, and it would be helpful to have even a brief description. For example, an italicized note at the bottom of the details on Reporting Tags: “[ital]Reporting Tags are specific to each category. Create the Reporting Tags in the Admin area, under Organize > Categories.[ital]”

And–to be clear–I am not asking about Reporting Tags in this entry. I find that HelpSpot documentation in general is light-duty, making self-service a challenge. The good news is that the tech support for HelpSpot is great; responsive and helpful.