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Don't want to default to "Active" vs anti-Spam


When closing a Request, HelpSpot ensures that a Status is selected. The default value of ‘Active’ is not permissible when closing requests.

We do not wish to enforce the selection of a Status on our users (they clicked close, so they want the status to be closed!), so we created a Mail Rule to set the status of all new Requests to ‘In Progress’. Unfortunately, this causes Spam to be un-spamed.

It appears that the Spam rules fire before the Mail Rules. So, the Status is set to Spam. Then, our mail rule overrides the status and the Spam gets moved back into the mailbox.

I am unable to add “Is Not Spam” to the Mail Rule – it only allows “Is Spam”.

Yes, we also have an Automation Rule that changes the Status from Active to ‘In Progress’, but there is a time delay until it runs and it’s more efficient to run as a Mail Rule than an Automation Rule.

So, are we stuck? I guess the only way around it would be a change to the “don’t allow close on Active” check, or adding an “Is Not Spam” option to Mail Rules, or just putting up with the delay until the Automation Rule runs, eh?

Ah, the fun of computers and Spam! :slight_smile:


Thanks for the note John. I think an “is not spam” condition is a good idea. I’ll put that down for consideration in a future release. So for now the auto rule might be best, but this should be added at some point.

Also, if you get a lot of spam you could setup a mail server spam filter in front of HelpSpot to try and catch the majority of it, which may be useful in general as well.