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Drill Down List - Passing Values via URL


Hello HelpSpot Community,

I have successfully used URLs to pass values to custom fields many times in the past, but I’m having trouble passing values to a drill down list. I’ve succeeded at populating the uppermost list, but I cannot get the child list to populate.

For example, suppose I have a drill down list with TopValueA and TopValueB and under each of those I have LowerValue1 and LowerValue2. I would like to be able to automatically pass via URL the value for, say, both TopValueB and it’s child item LowerValue1. Is this even possible? If so, can you offer a suggestion on how I can do it?

I have tried this: …pg=request&Custom2=TopValueB&Custom2_2=LowerValue1. It worked for TopValueB, but the LowerValue1 was not passed.

Many thanks!


Hi Josh,

Indeed, this is possible! Just a little tricky. HelpSpot stores these a little special so you have to pass the values in like this:


So basically that’s custom field = level1#-#level2 urlencoded because the # must be encoded.

You can extended this on as deep as needed just separating with %23-%23


Oh, you rock! Thanks much.