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Due Date?


Can I put a due date on a request?


Not currently, but in version 2 there’s a date custom field you could use for this. You can read about it here:


I’d like to see something like this but perhaps with a twist…how about a “waiting until…” date? So if there’s something that we know won’t happen until X date before the ticket can move forward, it won’t show up again until something else can be done. This may not fit with the rest of the new features but I thought I’d make the suggestion, because this plus a due date would be very cool :slight_smile:


Sure you could do this with the new custom field. It’s just a date field with no inheriant special meaning.

So you could have a “wait until” field and then using the new relative date options on that field you could have a filter which only showed you requests that had a “wait until” value that was tomorrow or was during the next week.


Hmmm…that does sound like a good solution. I’m concerned about the statistics though…while the ticket is open, even if no one can do anything further with it, the clock is still ticking. It would be nice to have a way to “stop the clock” as far as time-to-resolution for tickets, for a variety of reasons this being one of them. Same issue with users re-opening closed tickets with a Thank You email I just posted about in another topic.

It’s certainly not a deal-breaker (we’re planning on purchasing this week, more licenses than we were originally planning on!), but something I’ve been thinking about.


This is one of those things that’s somewhat dependent on perspective. We tend to think of the time to resolution as the time until the customer is satisfied. While there may be proper reasons for the clock to stop, at the end of the day if you can’t fix the customers problem for a week then it really is a week that’s passed. So the time to resolution is a week, even though it may have been circumstances beyond your control that caused the delay or even circumstances the customer is aware of and agrees with. I do hear you though and we’ll keep it under consideration as always.

The reopening thank you emails are a bit different and the solution we’re researching which I described above should fix it, though it will add one extra click to the staff members responsibilities to track that.

Great to hear about the purchase, I’m looking forward to working with you especially since you’ll be one of the few customers we have that blogs regularly.


Hi Nate,

In v2 you’ll be able to add a due date custom field and setup your filters for that so you’ll be all set there. You could even setup automation rules to send you reminders the day before, etc.

It sounds like you may have missed the time tracker. It’s off by default since not all customers use it. In Admin->Settings you can enable it. Then for each request you can start and stop a timer as many times as needed, with a description for each time event. You can read more here: