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Duplicate "RE" in reply subject lines


All order receipts, newsletters, etc, that we send out to customers have a reply-to address that goes into our HelpSpot installation. When someone replies to one of these, the subject line is already prefixed with “Re:”, as it’s a reply to our original email to them.

HelpSpot then prepends an additional “RE:” to the front of that, resulting in a subject line that looks like this: “RE: Re: Thanks for your order!”

This looks sloppy and may create the perception that we’re using flawed tools (now I know we’re not, of course, but we don’t want people getting the wrong idea :)).

At a guess, HS is searching for the string “RE:” when deciding to prepend this, but it’s a case-sensitive match, so “Re:” isn’t being detected. Hopefully an easy fix.

While we’re at it, could the all-caps “RE:” be changed to use the standard “Re:”? The all caps version is unusual and looks a little strange.



Hi Kenn,

RE to Re is done! It’ll be in the next release.

That is also a damn mighty fine guess on your part. This should also fix the duplicate Re’s. I still have yet to confirm that, but will be shortly. Thanks for sending this in!