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Duplicate Request Functionality


We have our voicemail system emailing tech support voicemails into the helpdesk system - so we can easily create a ticket from the voicemail.

The problem we have is, even if the voicemail is 3 seconds long (a hang up), the ticket still comes in.

Thats ok - we just need to know the best way to eliminate it.

Option 1 was to SPAM it – but then we are afraid the “learning filter” will wind up spamming all the messages eventually (not just the ones with hang-ups).

Option 2 is to take the ticket, and mark it as something like DUPLICATE REQUEST. However, we still have to fill in all of the fields.

Is there a way to choose an option (like DUPLICATE REQUEST), and have all fields auto-populated.

Even better would be another folder called “TRASH” that we can move messages to, for eventual deletion (even if they can only be deleted by the ADMIN of the system).

Any ideas are welcome (and appreciated) …


Yes, you shouldn’t mark them as SPAM or as you said it will learn from that and start moving all the voicemails to the SPAM folder.

How we do this in house is we have a category for Trash (or whatever you want to call it). Then you can have a predefined response which (as of v1.2.0) can automatically set the category and status. So you could basically make it a 2 click operation. First click the response which sets up the trash and then click ‘update and close’.

Having a trash category can be useful for other situations to where emails are not spam but are not part of normal help desk operations either.

Currently there are no plans to allow deleting beyond spam, but we’ll consider it.


I understand how to set up the “trash” category. however, I dont know what you mean about the “predefined response”.

Sounds like I can choose the “Trash” category in a ticket, and the just UPDATE and CLOSE it. Can you tell me where in the manual it discusses how to set up the “predefined response” for a category selection?

Thanks -


Sorry Anthony. Go do Workspace->Responses (in the sub navigation at the top).

That screen allows you to create prepared responses for use later in requests. An optional feature of those is the ability to set other fields when you select the response. You select it by going into a request and below the note field clicking on “append response”.

Let me know if that works out.