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E-Mail Template Question


When we reassign a ticket to another technician, I would like HelpSpot to send the new technician an e-mail that includes the ticket summary when it is reassigned. I am familiar with creating an automation rule to send an e-mail, but does HelpSpot have a tag that is uses to include the initial ticket summary? I couldn’t seem to discover this information when snooping around. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


So you need an initial request tag? Right now there’s no tag for that, but I’ll put that down for consideration in a future release. Sounds like a good idea.


Thanks Ian. I appreciate it.


I absolutely stick my hand in the air for this. I’m investigating helpdesk solutions for a small team at work, and Helpspot is top of the list!

A large number of our requests are referred out to external companies. I setup an automation rule to monitor a custom field which indicates which external company is required, and would email them - but then discovered I couldn’t send the original request details through :frowning:


This has made it into the next release so you guys should be all set!


Great! Thanks Ian! Is there a schedule or anything we can refer to regarding releases? I have just about convinced our small IT team that we need to buy HelpSpot! :slight_smile:


Great! We don’t announce release dates, but we are in active development and it should be out in the next few months.