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E-mail template without using tracking ID


We recently upgraded to HelpSpot 3.1.5 from 2.7.2. When trying to update the e-mail templates, we get:

“Tracking ID (##TRACKING_ID##) is missing from the subject line of Public Note to Customer. Omitting this will prevent HelpSpot from correctly threading responses.”

In the past, the software does not have this restriction, and our current workflow does not make use of this tracking ID tag (basically, all e-mail are treated as a new ticket, with some legacy reporting and prioritizing ramifications).

Is there a way for us to update the e-mail templates without including the tracking ID tag in the subject line? This was allowed in 2.7.2, but seems to be a requirement in 3.1.5.


Hi Chuck,

We implemented this because in most cases people have trouble with the opposite and they remove it not understanding the ramifications until they have a bunch of unthreaded email in their system.

Let me see if we can get a patch for you that changes this to a notification rather than a requirement. It may take a day or so.


Thank you, that should help us with the transition.


Any update on whether this will be patched?


Hi Chuck,

Yes, we have a fix for this in 3.1.6. We intend to have it out very shortly.