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Edit automation rules?


I’m trying to edit (specifically just the title) of an automation rule I just created … there doesn’t seem to be a “save” or “confirm” button anywhere. Any info out there?


Another feature request:

I love the automation rules! But I need to be able to copy and modify a rule quickly to create a “one off” rule. Can we get a copy button for automation and mail rules?


Hi Jeff,

Editing the name is no problem. When you first enter automation rules do you see how the rule name is a link. Click it and you can edit the name and then click the edit button at the bottom to save.

The ability to copy is something I’ll note for a future release. In the meantime if you have access to the database you could duplicate the row from the HS_Automation_Rules table. Just make sure that the new row gets it’s own unique ID (xAutoRule field).