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Editing Templates



I have users who want to change the text on the portal template for the following areas but I don’t see any text in the request.tpl.php (which I’ve copied to the custom templates directory) that equates to these areas:

  1. Name - want to change to “Customer’s Name”
  2. Details - want to change to “Reason for request. Describe in detail.”
  3. Attach a supporting document (optional) - want to change to Attach a supporting document (if applicable or upon request)

Are these text areas contained in the database. If so, what are the field names?



Hi Sharie,

This text is stored in PHP constants (variables). The ones you need are:

  1. Name - <?php echo lg_portal_req_name ?>
  2. Details - <?php echo lg_portal_req_simple ?>
  3. Attach - <?php echo lg_portal_req_file_upload ?>

You can replace the entire PHP sections I’ve posted above and simply type in the text you like.