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Email coming in with attachments only



I think this just started but am not sure. I receive alot of emails from a Novell Groupwise system. When they send me an email with attachments, the request is ONLY receiving the attachements and is not receiving the note they type to me about what the attachments are about.

What can I send you do diagnose this issue? thank you.

David W.


Hi David,

This is an issue I’ve never seen before. What I think may be happening is that system might be sending the attachments with a multipart mime with a blank HTML part and the text in the text part of the email. The problem is that when HelpSpot sees an HTML part it uses that rather than the text part.

In the next release HelpSpot will use the text if the HTML part is empty so that may help. Also if you are on PHP5 try and use the Tidy extension if you aren’t already in case their sending a malformed email.



That sounds reasonable based on how I know they run their email system. I’ll wait on the next release. Thank you.




Recently we had a customer’s e-mail come thru to us with blank text.

The customer doesn’t really know anything about his e-mail setup other then he uses Outlook 2007 (default settings he says).

Is it possible that what we’re seeing is part of this same multipart MIME issue?

If you think our problem may not be related to the multipart MIME issue, is there any information I can send you that could help in diagnosing the problem?



Oh, I didn’t notice any attachment to the blank e-mail… sorry, forgot to mention that!


Hi Bonnie,

It could be related to this, though I have no reports of it with Outlook 2007. It could be a very badly formatted HTML email especially if they’re using Word to write the emails which is a common setup. Do you have the PHP Tidy extension installed? If not and you’re on PHP 5 you should try to add that extension if possible.

Either way there are some improvements here as mentioned above in the next release so keep and eye on it and let me know how things go after that upgrade.