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Email custom field update


When changing the value of a custom field Helpspot adds a private note that is something like:
-Custom field “Fieldname” changed from “Oldvalue” to “Newvalue”

Would it be possible to either make this note default to public by some configuration setting or add a trigger that emails the same information to the customer when a specific custom field is changed?

We managed to email the new value through a trigger but would like both the old and new values in the mail.


There’s no way to make the log items public. Like you noted, you can definitely email the value to the customer with a trigger but the old value is no longer available.

That will have to be something we take a look at and see if adding is feasible. You could likely do this with some custom development to base the email on the log field value or storing all the values of that field in another table or something like that. I’m not sure if what you’re doing with this is worth that kind of custom api work.