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EMAIL ERROR: email to customer FAILED. The email system returned this error: Message body empty


I have recently upgraded to V3.

When I try to “Update Request” or “Update and Close” from Public, I get the following error:
EMAIL ERROR: email to customer FAILED. The email system returned this error: Message body empty

While the body of the message was previously filled in, now when I come back it is empty. Almost as if helpspot first deleted the message and then tried sending the email.

Also, sending emails from the “External” tab works fine, and I receive emails with no problem, which proves the IMAP/SMTP settings are right, in my opinion.

Any idea? Thanks.


Hmm, that is unusual. Check your email templates for public notes (admin-customize-email templates) and make sure there is a text and html template that looks reasonably correct.


OK weird. No other reports like that but we’ll definitely take a look. You should check your other email templates as well just to be sure.


Hi Ian, we are getting this error now. I’m using the HelpSpot4. It started occuring after our email account had a password expire and we had to change the password.

We are currently using Exchange Online as our email server also btw. Tonight we are going to restart the server to see if that clears anything up as well.

I’ll keep you posted if we get this straightened out.

UPDATE: Just had another error popup. When the error pops up, the email is not being sent. I have verified this with exchange online.

Here are some example log files. I removed the IP address and changed from our domain name to just “domain”:

After this log, we noticed that the email account password had expired, so we reset the password and updated the settings inside of helpspot.

Then we got a couple logs like the one below:

UPDATE: Also this is in our helpspot logs on the admin page about the error:

Time Type Message File Line
Fri, Jun 5, 2015, 02:52 PM Email Auto Respond The following From address failed: tasks.php 803
Fri, Jun 5, 2015, 01:53 PM Email Customer Update The following From address failed: * Request:67743 request.php 397

UPDATE: Turned on debugging for tasks.php and updated cron job to log output of tasks.php to a log file.


It’s possible you need to update the password in another spot. Each mailbox can have custom defined SMTP settings. So make sure you change admin-settings-email integration as well as check every mailbox to see if any are connecting as that account and need their password updated.


Thanks Ian, it appears that it just took a bit of time before everything synced up properly (maybe on the network). The next day all the errors went away. Sorry for the delayed response, I had a computer security conference the past 2 days.

Everything is working great now!


Everything is working great now!

Great! That’s my favorite sentence in support :slight_smile: