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Email Error: connection not established


I keep getting an EMAIL ERROR: The email to the customer FAILED: Connection could not be established with host

How is that possible when I was able to get a connection successful when I test mailbox settings under Email Mailboxes. And I’m also able to succesfully send an outbound email test under settings>email integration.

As a side note. My firewall is blocking UDP port 137 when I try to update a request. Why would udp port 137 be used?



Can you double check within your gmail (or google accounT) settings - you may need to allow the “use less secure apps” option.

UDP isn’t, to my knowledge, used for SMTP (sending email).

We have gmail SMTP settings working with these settings within HelpSpot:


It is because Google blocks sign-in attempts from apps which do not use modern security standards (mentioned on their support page). You can however, turn on/off this safety feature by going to the link below:

Go to this link and select Turn On

Moreover google block an ip when you try to send a email since a unusual location, so, you can unblock in the next link

and clicked in .