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Email error


Hi, I searched the forums but couldn’t find any info on this. My users are experiencing this email error from time to time. Any input would be greatly appreciated! “Language string failed to load: tls”


Any thoughts on this issue?


Hi Don,

Are emails in fact going out? If not it may be a problem with the settings. You could try switching to SSL on the outbound email settings or turning it off (to none) to see if that helps.


Hey Ian, yes they are going out…at least most of the time. Every once in awhile that error pops up. My thoughts are with 3 of my customer service reps answering tickets, the Gmail smtp server may be experiencing some cross traffic issues? Not sure but thought I’d see if there were any others with this issue using Google’s business back end.


Ian, we are still struggling with this. I’ve tried several options. Enabling SSL, TLS, Disabling both, and also using the built in PHP setting. I do the verification, get a test email that works and we are still getting this error when my users are closing or responding to requests. Please let me know if there is something else we can try. Here is what they get

EMAIL ERROR: email to customer FAILED. The email system returned this error: Language string failed to load: tls