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Email Import/Fetch Job

We had an issue over the weekend where it looks like our system got into a funky state. Our setup is a windows server running IIS connected to a MS SQL server backend on a different server. Our mailbox is run out of Office 365. We’re not exactly sure what caused the issue, but we think it was an issue with a Filter we created. We deleted it and everything seemed to work far better. Lesson learned.

Anyway, ever since then the email import/fetch job stopped running. I looked in the failed jobs and there was one sitting there from over the weekend. I clicked retry, the screen refreshed, but nothing seemed to happen. I tried it again and got the same result. I then deleted it, thinking that the failed job was holding up the rescan. I then left it alone for a few hours and tried a test email. Still no dice.

How do I get the job running again? Our users primarily send email requests in so this is a pretty big deal. I know there’s emails sitting in the inbox, so it’s not like it’s empty.

Update Starting at 8:00 pm Eastern, emails began importing into the system. Any idea why?