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Email notification based on unassigned and categories/portal



We have about 5 categories/departments/portals. Every staff is administrator and send notifications via email is checked, as well as when unassigned request comes into the system notify via the methods above.

We would like to filter that the notifications only goes to them that are linked to the category of the request (of course if the there is no category all should receive the email) is this possible? If not can we make it a feature request?

Many of the departments only work in the system when they receive email that a new request is created. Today we build filters in our mail klient to filter out the, for them, unnecessary emails but we do have a concern that they may filter too much as they also can be requester in the system for another department.



Hi Johnny,

That can’t be done directly, but there’s perhaps a few other ways.

  1. Turn of new request notifications and instead us an automation rule to send those. So when the automation rule see’s a new request in a particular category it would send an email to the proper people. You’d need a rule for each category. You’d also have to prevent it from matching over and over which is described here: and also set it to run every minute so that any time a new request comes in it catches it:

  2. Create filters for new requests and then use the RSS feed each filter has to get notified via RSS. Outlook has an RSS reader which could be used for this as well as many dedicated RSS readers.



Okay so I’ve been look a little on this suggestion right now. If I run task2.php every minute I can have the rule:

Conditions: minutes since opened, less than, 1

This should mean that all opened cases since last run should have an action.

Actions: Send email notification to, Staff member:
Send from

I cant choose a category (to auto send same informatgion to all staff members in a category) just specific staff emeber.
I would then need to create a action with same info for each member of a category to get this behavior or do I miss something?


Well I wouldn’t do the conditions this way because you may miss some and it also makes it risky of having multiple emails sent to a customer/staffer if the time the cron runs doesn’t exactly match the database times.

Instead use a flag. For instance have a custom field for “notification sent” and have a condition where if notification sent IS NOT “Sent” then the actions apply. This way when the rule runs it will match every request which has not been processed regardless of time.