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Email Parser - HTML Comments?


Does the Email parser read HTML comments?

I want the tags to be hidden.


Huh, yes I believe that would work fine. I don’t see any reason why it wouldn’t. Interesting idea.

Let us know if you have any trouble.


It’s working fine with a div, but when I switch it to a comment (), it doesn’t work.

Can you look into this?


Yes, the cleaner strips out comments before the tags are parsed so that won’t work. I had success with a hidden div though:


Should work OK in all but the oldest mail clients and in those they’ll just see the tag so not too bad. If you need complete control you can also look at using the web service api.


Yeah, that’s what I’m doing. Can you add this to the feature requests?


We’ll certainly take a look at it. It’s tricky because we need to clean the emails before we let them through and there’s no real reason to leave a comment in there. We’ll take a look though, perhaps instead setting a header with the info, that would be much cleaner so we’ll have to look at that.