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Email Parsing not working


Hi there… my new system is up and working very well for my client, and I just want to again say thanks to Ian for the amazing product!

I tried to use the email parsing today, but none of the info came through into the new ticket that was created. I copied and pasted from the sample on this web site, then put data in that would match my own system, and the system just treated the email as if it was a “normal” email without the added tags.

The tags were not stripped, and they remained as part of the body of the newly generated ticket.


Did you paste them into your mail client to try this? If you did and your mail client is creating HTML emails it likely changed the amp’s to their escape characters and so the parser couldn’t see them. If you force your mail client to send text emails it should work, also if you are writing a script to do this and directly embed the tags into an HTML email it should also work.

Thanks for the kind words! Let me know how you make out.