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Email, Quote text suggestions


I’m newbee with HelpSpot and I’m looking my way in it. However I have some suggestions.

I really like the email integration. However I little bit loose the control over the emails.

  1. Email integrattion
    Sometimes I receive emails as CC, which are meant only as information for support staff. Or sometimes the email address is used as common gate for some kind of info sent from suppliers/customers, which is not necessarily an support request. Alike customer could send en email to support address, but I decide it is for sales. In these cases I normally forward the email to the correct persons.

So my idea is to leave emails on the server until they are confirmed to be a new request (manually or automated) or follow up. Great would also be to not to store such “non request” emails into the database at all. But I would be happy with just an option to leave the emails on the server too.

What happens, if I receive an email with large attachment, that for some limitations cannot be stored in the database? Is this email/attachment lost?

  1. Quote note / ##LASTCUSTOMEREMAIL##
    I like to add last customer email to the new created answer (note), because I like the customer now to what topic I answered.

Both Quote note and ##LASTCUSTOMEREMAIL## does not print headers. I would appreciate to have an option to add also the sender info. Just like answering from any mail client.

Now, when a customer answers, I receive his email which consists of his new answer/request and my answer with the last customer email. It would be great, if only the new answer could be by default visible in the Request History and anything else hidden (in drop-down box) in order to keep the history overview clean.

  1. Customer database
    I miss some basic implementation of customer database.

  2. Template preview.
    It would be great to implement some preview for email and other templates. It is not easy to create one, when I have to send me emails to see the changes.

Anyway, this is really powerful piece of software with lots of features and user customization :slight_smile:


Hi Radim,

  1. Many customers actually use HelpSpot for sales emails as well (we do) so you may want to consider that. Another idea would be to have sales and support emails separate.

You could keep a copy on the server by having the server automatically forward to another backup account. That way you have a copy of every email sent.

  1. With HTML emails it is difficult to hide the extra email parts. This works better with text emails if you want you can switch the system to text email mode, though of course you loose the HTML functionality. Adding headers is something I’ll note for a future release.

  2. HelpSpot is designed to work with an existing customer database via our Live Lookup API (

  3. I’ll note the idea of a preview for a future release, thanks

Great to hear it’s working out well overall! Please let us know if you have any other questions or feature ideas.