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Email responses to tickets from staff and customers marked private note



This is my first forum post, so apologies if there are any mistakes.

We updated to version 3.2.12 last week and shortly afterwards we noticed that if we respond to tickets via email the note is set to private and the customer does not receive an update via email.

Similarly, the customer can respond via email to add a note to their ticket and the staff receives the update but the note is still marked as private in the web interface.

Was there a change not listed in the release notes that affects this behavior?




Replies by staff to notifications which get routed to customers isn’t available in version 3 (nothing has changed). That is a feature of the upcoming version 4 though.

Custom emails in should be public, however, if they email in from a different email address than their original email it will leave it private because it doesn’t know if it’s the customer or not. So check your requests, I suspect that’s the issue and it’s not all requests but only a handful. Nothing has changed in that regard either, but it can be confusing sometimes.


Hi Ian,
Thank you for your reply. Interesting, I guess if it did ever work for our staff then it was a fluke.

The customers emailing using different addressed makes sense. Is there any way that we could associate customerids with more than one email address? There are several people that forward their work email to their personal accounts and respond via those personal accounts. As it stands we pull the information from a directory to populate the customer information fields.



There’s no way to associate more than one email with a request. You can turn any individual private note into a public one in that notes menu. Also, you could update the customers email so that the rest of the thread is labeled public.