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Email Subject Lines Unclear


This was brought up in a previous post, but it is closed so I thought I would just chime in.

When I get an email concerning a ticket that has been created or updated, I really would like to have some idea as to what the ticket is about and where it is from. These are just the email notifications.

The email always comes from me, actually it comes from the support@ email address.

The subject line is always HelpSpot: Request Update {12345} or New Request {23456}.

I realize the subject lines are not always helpful, but I would like the ability to adjust those.

Note that when someone submits a ticket (all of mine are done by sending an email direct) have a subject line of RE: Ticket Subject {12345} which is good for them. I think it would be helpful for me to see something similar when I look at my email client (GMail) when tickets come in.

(It’s not killing me, just an idea.)


Thanks Steve. We’re going to be working on improvements to notifications in future HelpSpot releases. Great to have the feedback!