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Email Subject Lines


Some of our users insist (despite using a cattle prod on them) to write their entire request in the subject line of the email they submit.

This is fine when you’re at your desk and can jump into the system, but if you’re out and about and get the new request notification on your mobile device you can’t do anything to help as the subject line isn’t included in the notification.

Am I missing a setting somewhere to include this, or if not, is there any way of doing so ?



Hi Danny,

Yes, you can include it. There’s a placeholder for it in the email template which you can modify in Admin->Tools->Modify Email Templates. The template to edit is “Staff Notifications” and the placeholder is Original Mail Subject Line.



Perfect, thanks Ian !


This keeps happening to me too, but I thought I’d tried to track down the field and it wasn’t there. I must have just missed it. So thanks Danny for asking the question and Ian for answering, I’ll have to try and remember to fix this up for myself on Monday! (Yes, I have remote access and could do it now. But it’s Saturday and Monday will come too soon already!)