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Email Templates - Tag


I was curious if their is a Tag that can be used in the ‘Public Notes to Customers’ E-mail Template that will input the First Name of the Logged on HelpSpot user?




No, not in that template. You can put the assigned staffer in the note field (not the email template though) with the ##ASSIGNED_FIRST## tag. To do that what you’ll want to do is create a prepared response that contains the tag. If you go into Workspace->Responses you can click a link in there to see the placeholders.


I think this would be a good feature request. This is something I’ve been looking for as well as there are occasions when other staff members work on a request on behalf of the assigned staff member and they may respond using a predefined email template.


I found the solution for this.

If everyone has a Signature setup in their HelpSpot profile and you enter the ##SIGNATURE## tag in the e-mail template, the Signature of the logged on user is sent regardless of who the ticket is assigned to.

Assign HelpSpot user name to the From field internally

That’s correct Harold. I suppose I should have mentioned that!


No problem Ian, we forget about features in our application sometimes as well.


Would it be possible to use this option?