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Emails with large attachments not working


hello all. a newbie to the helpspot forums here. The issue is one that was mentioned earlier regarding emails with large attachments, i have tried the said solutions of enlarging memory_limit as well as execution_time and max_input_time but despite my best efforts, the problem remains.

Any help in this matter would be greatly appreciated.




hello john. thanks for reply.

I did restart apache after the edits to php.ini file and also checked the apache logs which were fine. Also on the Admin->Tools->Error Log -there is nothing logged regarding this issue. Just on the workspace page the message at the top of the frame saying that Helpspot failed trying to get the mail from the inbox and the link to the tips as i mentioned earlier.

Any thing else i could try ?



Hi sppadic,

Also if you’re getting a message at the top of the Workspace that would be from a stuck email. Being stuck could be from it being too large but can also be due to other reasons. So if it’s a spam message or an improperly formatted email it simply may not be possible to pull it in. If it’s spam just delete the email and you should be all set.