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Emded Codes in Forums


Hi, I’ve been setting up my forum for use on my site. Everything looks great. However, I can’t seem to get any of the embed codes from popular flash widget sites or even youtube to work? I mean, it is a web 2.0 world, widgets are all the rage…is there an option I am missing somewhere to enable this functionality?

I run one of the largest widget sites in the world (top 5,000 alexa), so it ooks pretty silly if my own forum doesn’t support widget embedding?

Let me know! everything else is great…now that my problem user has a new account, the problems are gone…like I said it’s user specific…


Great to hear it’s running well.

The forums do not accept HTML so that’s why the widgets won’t run. I believe the HTML is escaped not stripped. So you could maybe put some PHP in the forum templates to unescape the HTML (with something like html_entity_decode()), but doing so would allow any HTML on the forums which probably isn’t a good idea. A safer way to do it would be to perhaps create your own little code like youtube:12344 where the number is the youtube ID. Then in the template code transform this into the embed javascript.

This way only sites you specify and code you produce on the server is turned to HTML and not any code posted by anyone.


if that’s the best you got, I’ll deal with it. I know youtube isn’t very old, nor is the widget phenomenon, but you’d better jump on the bandwagon, because at $179 a pop, your software won’t be competitive for long without it…


We’ll take a closer look at HTML in the forums. You can use widgets in your knowledge books for documentation, just not in the forums. If you just need to reference videos you can use links by pasting them into the box and they’ll be transformed into clickable URL’s.