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Ending email support question


When we started using Helpspot, email submitted support was great, but we are now seeing that email submitted support is overwhelming. We would like to end email submitted support and force people to submit via the portal.

Question is: how to best do this?

If we stop email submitted work orders, will users get a response from the system? If not, will an auto reply on the email account reply to every customer response? Will customers be able to respond to an update by email?



Hi Jered,

Putting email back in the bottle can be a little tricky. You’ll definitely want to use a multi-prong approach to this.

First, you’d want to make this a policy change that everyone is aware of via education, that people should use the portal as it makes the request process more efficient, etc.

Second, in HelpSpot you can enable (if they’re not already) the auto replies for your email box. Change the content of the auto reply to say that all requests are required to be submitted via the portal. The auto reply only goes out for new emails so anyone who sends in a new request via email will get this.

This is key because you want to still be able to use email to correspond back and forth with customers who submit via the portal.

The only loose end is what to do with the requests that do come in via email while everyone gets used to using the portal only. They’ll have gotten the auto reply so it’s really up to you. You could just close them out.