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Endless E-Mail Loop


I love HelpSpot, but once in a while it gets stuck in an endless e-mail loop.

HelpSpot receives a spam message and it then HelpSpot auto replies to it. HS receives back a “undeliverable address” error message since the spammer forged the return address. Now the loop starts. HS responds to this error message but the return path is to
"<>" and From is “serveradmin@Mailer-Daemon”, so HS responds to “serveradmin@Mailer-Daemon”. Of course my SMTP server rejects the message with an “Unrouteable address”. HS reponds to that messages, and so on, and so on…

Is there a way to prevent HS from enter such a loop with out disabling auto replies? I’ve tried using a Mail Rule to delete the bounced messages, and it does, but HS still auto replies.


Hi Marcus,

In the current release there’s not a good way around this. Version 2 does have some additional checks where if the from name or email contains common server terms like “Mailer-Daemon” then it will not auto reply. Even this isn’t fool proof, but for most common smtp servers the issue should be addressed.

In the meantime when you see this happening you should turn off tasks.php, wait a few minutes and manually delete any bounced messages in the box. That will stop the cycle.