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Enhanced print view


Sometimes we’d like to give our customers a “report” about a case, so we thought about giving them the “print version” of their ticket. But the print view isn’t that attractive, it is missing all colors and font specifications and more importantly doesn’t seem to have a specific structure… we think it would confuse our customers (who are not familiar with HelpSpot) more than inform them.

It would also be great if the print view would respect the setting which kind of entries to show (public notes, all notes etc.).

I also have to mention that besides of this little request we absolutely love HS and had no problems with it so far; keep up the good work :slight_smile:


Thanks Markus! I’m not sure if you guys have any programmers there, but if you do it would be fairly easy to use our API to build a special print view outside the HelpSpot admin area. You would then have full control to style the view exactly as you like. You could even make it directly accessible to customers via an extranet or just a URL if you wanted to.