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Enhancement Requests


We’ve been using HS for a couple of months now and here are a few enhancement requests the team has come up with.

  1. Ability to edit the Initial Request field
  • people sending in emails with subject ‘It doesn’t work’ and would like to change to something more meaningful
  1. Ability to specific multiple sort levels in a filter

  2. Ability to add custom reports

  3. Enhanced search screen where we could filter by any of the custom fields, reporting tags etc.

Keep up the good work Ian. Everyone is loving it so far!


Hi Richard,

Thanks for the feedback.

  1. You could add your own custom field to hold your own description if you like and then add that field to your filters. We probably won’t be allowing editing of request histories, though we will be allowing the changing of the subject line in the next release so perhaps that will be enough here.

  2. This is in the next release. We call it grouping, so you can create groups within the sorted results.

  3. Each report can be customized and saved as a bookmark, plus filters can be used as a reporting tool to pull out just about anything. Do you have more specifics on what you’re looking for here?

  4. This is essentially filters. We are looking at basically making the search area work just like filters to make that easier, not sure if that will be in the next release or v3 though. In the short term though just have your team use filters to search. Filters have a full text condition which will give you the full text search and then you can further limit the results with additional conditions.

Great to hear it’s working out!

  1. I think what we are looking for here is the ability to create our own reports and link them in. Perhaps just having a place to add links to our external reports would be enough.

Btw, do you have a timeline on the next release?


We don’t give release dates out, but it’s wrapping up. About 1-2 months out.