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Error adding request trough admin portal



Where having an issue with helpspot we can’t get fixed
We’re able to add requests trough mail and trough the client portal. but when we try to create a request trough the admin portal (so when a agent logged in and wants to add a request he got on the phone for example) we get an error saying "There was a problem adding the request"
We have the following things filled:
All the customer information (from live lookup api)
Category and status
Request body
Email subject
Account to send the email from

When i check the error log there’s only one new entry (used | to separate collums) :
“Tue, Oct 4, 2016, 10:18 PM | Database | No errors foundNo errors found | request.php | 394”

It would we a big help if you guys could help us out here.

Kind regards,

Edo Post


This is an odd one. It sounds like the error you are looking at is in the DB error log. I would recommend turning on error logging to see if we can get a better error. To enable debugging, edit your config.php file and add or change the cDEBUG option to appear like so:

define(‘cDEBUG’, true);

This will do two things:

Errors occurring within HelpSpot will be displayed in a error-reporting screen that shows the error, the file, and related information
Errors occurring within HelpSpot will be logged to the data/log/helpspot.log file