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Error generating report


Just create a test upgrade of 2.7.2 -> 3.1.0.

When we select go to report and select Time tracker -> Total over Time and group by staffer we get the following error:

there was an error generating this report: error

is thís the kind of error that automatically is reported to usercape?


Hi Hans,

That was likely submitted but can you tell me your database server type just so I can check it out further.


We use mysql.

Some staff do not have any time logged


We’ve got this fixed, it’ll be available in 3.1.1


Just updated to 3.1.1

There’s now a slightly different error:

there was an error generating this report: parsererror


Hmm, we’re not having any other reports of that. If you could send in (via the portal or email) your installations url and login we’ll have to take a closer look.


Unfortunately this is not currently possible.
We’ve only done an internal test update on a machine that is not available from the internet.

Is there something else we can do?


We’ll try and research it further on this end and see if we can replicate it.