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Error Log filling up


We recently upgraded to the latest version of HelpSpot and have no complaints about how it functions except for the error log. Apparently the newest version of HelpSpot loves to tell us every time it kills a mail-loop. In the previous versions we knew that it was stopping error loops but it did not fill up our error log.

Is there a way to stop the reporting of this process or better view what it is doing?

Please help if you can.



Hi Eric,

It’s actually capable of stopping a lot more of the loops now than in 2.1.1. I haven’t seen many other installs with lots of those messages though, you may want to see if there’s anything you can do in your email processes to stop the loops before they hit HelpSpot (not always possible I realize).

In terms of the error log if you want to clean it out you could setup a procedure on your server (this would have to be outside of HelpSpot) to delete all the notifications of that in the HS_Errors table. So once a day do a delete where any rows that have “loop” in the sDesc column are deleted. That should keep it from filling up on you.

Great to hear it’s working well otherwise!