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Error msg after adding "instanly reply" action to mail rule


I added an “Instantly Reply” action to two of mail rules. Now when I try to edit one of these rules, I get an “operation aborted” error message. Specifically:

“Internet Explorer cannot open the Internet site Operation aborted.”

When I click OK on the error message box, I get “This page cannot be displayed.”

I tested the rules, and they work just fine.


Hi Gina,

What version of HelpSpot do you have installed? This was a bug in older releases but is fixed in the newer releases.


Do you see this in FireFox as well? If not upgrading to 2.6.3 will fix it in IE.


No, I don’t see the problem in Firefox. Yay!

I’ll ask EngineHosting to upgrade our installation to 2.6.3, and I’ll use Firefox to administer HelpSpot until the upgrade.

Thanks so much,


Great! Sorry for the trouble, the upgrade should patch you up.