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Error when updating filter


When i edit any filter, adding for example another condition or modifying columns, sometimes i lost another condition, for example:

Filter before Editing:
Condition 1: Assigned to John Smith
Condition 2: Is Open

If i add a column for Category, Save changes.

Then the Filter after editing lost the Condition 1.

Or if i add a third Condition, after saving, i have this condition and one of the others.

This happen using Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer. HelpSpot version 3.2.12


There’s no known issues like that. If you have a chance a video if you creating a filter and then editing it and seeing the issue would be great.


I attached a
PSR (Microsoft Problem Step Recorder), it was saved without any pause, I had a
Filter with 2 conditions, after I added the third and saved changes, I lost the
first condition, now I can be almost sure is always the first one every time.
The MHT file inside is better to be opened in Internet Explorer.

Link to PSR File

Also we have checked this behaviour in different PC’s.

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