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Error while setup mailbox access (googlemail) on hosted helpspot (enginehosting)


I try to setup a helpspot installation on (1) and there is a problem with the mailbox configuration under [Admin -> Mailboxes -> add a Mailbox].

What I actually try to do is accessing a mailbox in a domain hosted with google apps - free edition (2).

here are my settings:

Account Name: MyComp Support
Reply to Email Account:
Mailbox: INBOX
Host Name:
Password: mysweetheart43
Account Type: POP3
Port: 995

here the error-message

in helpspot after clicking on “test mailbox settings”:
Error: Connection failed to,995: Connection timed out

testing the mailbox:

I successfully accessed the mailbox with thunderbird with the exact same settings.

thanks for your help





I forgot to mention the two setting on the mailbox config page:

Security: SSL no-validate

Default Category: Default Category


Hi Ben,

I’m assuming you have POP enabled on the gmail end. I think what you need to do is change the setting in HelpSpot from POP3 to POP3S. You need the S version for secure connections. Sorry that’s not very clear we’ve actually fixed that in the next release (in terms of clarity).

Let me know how you make out.


your advice worked. I think too that more clarity would be helpful. I think It would be nice to have a site (kb page?) that lists the different configurations for the different email provider (gmail,…) like

Mailbox Configurations

Configuration for gmail

Account Name: MyDomain Support
Reply to Email Account:
Mailbox: INBOX
Host Name:
Password: mypassword
Account Type: POP3S
Port: 995

Speaking of documentation… Helpspot is fairly well documented, with one exeption:

Installing HelpSpot

  • needs an index
  • needs more detailed information about mailbox configuration
  • needs better separation of the various platforms

Ok, just my opinion. Maybe this view of a HS beginner is somehow helpfull.

regards ben


Thanks Ben! Working on the docs is something we’re going to be doing more of after this next release is out. I think more docs on some of the common email setups is a great idea.