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Extended rights system


Hi Ian,

today i was in discussion with a customer, and would like to give him (limited) Access to our Helpspot!
My advantage: we can assign requests to the other part and work on one System.
BUT: there is no possibility to limit access to one Mailbox.And the user can also assign to Categories to which he has normally no access.

Is it possible to add such a feature?



Hi Ralf,

If you enable limited access mode for guest users (Admin->Settings->System) and make him a guest that should do what you’re looking for.

Some customers have also had success building a very simple UI for customers to use with our API in this type of situation. It depends on the user of course, but it can be nice to keep them in a separate and simple space. Of course that’s a bit more work :slight_smile:


Sorry, i’ve tried this!
But: the external Account have also Access to send eMails over an eMail Account to which he scould not have access.
F.e. the limited Guest User should only have access to mailbox A; but: the User have Access to send emails in Name of EVERY Mailbox.
p.s. but now a new customer for you; let’s talk about commission or a x-max gift :wink: :wink:


OK, let me put that down to look into.

I’ll check on a gift :slight_smile: