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Extra columns


Hi Ian,

HelpSpot 1.5 is great! It addresses almost of all of the things that were problems for us!

One question - now there is a nice way to add columns to a view, can we have more choices for columns?

For instance:

  • Last update date (a real date, not a time since the request started)
  • Last public update date (ditto)
  • Time since last update (we try to look at every incident every day)
  • Time since last public update (we try to keep customers informed of what’s going on at least once a week for extended incidents, hardware repairs for instance)

I’m sure other people will have more suggestions!

Also, after a while it seems that the public part of incidents becomes inaccessible - can we turn this off? It’s really useful to be able to point a customer back to the public history for a string of incidents months or years later (we’ve used this quite often when people complain, it allows you to clarify what happened and what was said).




That’s great Steve. I’m especially looking forward to your feedback on external notes you’ve had a chance to use them some more.

I’ll note these new column ideas for consideration in a future release.

You can remove that limitation on public notes. By default it closes off access after the request has been closed for 2 days. You’ll need to modify the request.check.tpl.php template. Information on where to find the templates and put the modified ones is here:

In that template is a line where you can change the time or if you remove that IF statement it will just always be available.


Sorry, missed your reply. External notes work excellently - 1.5 has really streamlined our process.