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Failed email send - address problem or other issue


Some feedback from a user - can we do something?

I’ve had this happen already, so I know it is only going to continue …

Here is the situation …

#1: A ticket is created in the system (by us).
#2: I am working with the customer (via phone).
#3; We get off the phone, and I update the case
NOTE: This update of notes is what the customer needs
#4: The email address in the TICKET is incorrect …
NOTE: I get NO NOTIFICATION that the ticket failed to reach the customer (email).

I’ve had this happen already. The customer kept calling back in saying ‘where’s the information’ …

Come to find out, I had his email incorrect …

Bottom line …

I need some kind of NOTICE when emails FAIL to reach the customers.


Thanks Arvind. Actually we’ve been looking into this. It should be possible, but it may not be 100% accurate because different mail servers return things differently. Mostly accurate is better than nothing at all in this case though.


ETA on an initial fix?


If it works as expected, then it should be in the next release.