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FAQ question - How?


We currently have a (really horrible) FAQ webpage on our website.

I’m trying to figure out the “best” way to make it better (for us AND the users looking for help)

I’m wondering if the best solution is like Userscape has at

but I have no idea how someone would do that.

I’m thinking also of using a standard off the web FAQ script (if it’s considerably easier than making a page like HelpSpot uses)

Maybe a combination of both is best?

What have you all found to be the best way to do this?



Many customers do us HelpSpot as an FAQ system, although it’s rare that the only use for it is as an FAQ system. Normally you’d also use it to answer your support emails with and manage your support requests.


right :slight_smile:

We’re licensed users :smiley:

I’m trying to best figure out how to get a good faq working :slight_smile:

Is there an option somewhere that turns on the functionality that you see on

We have as our helpdesk homepage.

We don’t have the most recent forum entrys, most helpfull, etc. We only have the bottom “line” where it’s a search box and the dropdown.

Do I have something mis configured or is that custom code you’ve developed?

Also, as far as the normal “FAQ” that you normally see on a website, that isn’t really covered that I see.

Do you have a recommendation there?




Ah, well what you see on the UserScape help desk is the default homepage that comes out of the box. So perhaps you modified your home.tpl.php file and so are not seeing the various entries. Of course to have those for the forums and KB’s you must be using those modules or there will be no data to show.

In terms of a straight FAQ, many customers build a knowledge book called FAQ’s and then add pages for each FAQ they need. You can then link to these FAQ’s from the portal by customizing the homepage if you like. They are also very useful for inserting as links using the KB button on the request page when responding to requests.